We sit in the heart of the Cevennes National Park –“Le Parc National des Cevennes’-on the mediterranian-facing southern slopes of the Cevennes Mountains within the Lozère Departement famous for centuries for being at the heart of European silk farming and the setting of the ‘Camisard’ uprising against the Royal authority of Louis XIV in the seventeenth century. Whether passing through or enjoying a longer stay, St Germain de Calberte offers many geographic and historic opportunities within a spectacularly diverse terraced and wild landscape, wildlife and flora.

Be it on foot, on mountain bike or accompanied by a donkey or dog, on a driving tour, unaccompanied, a couple or in a group we are here to look after you!

Le Figuier des Cevennes is fully equipped to receive you in any season wet or dry, hot or cold. We stand on the cross-roads of many ancient walking and cattle-droving trails including the Stevenson GR70, the Urban V GR670 and historical Camisards trails. A number of beautiful and spectacular round trip excursions between the surrounding valleys and Le Figuier for those choosing to sojourn in St Germain de Calberte allowing you to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the stone-built hamlets and marvelous variety of terraces.

We are two old houses side-by side at the centre of the village of St Germain de Calberte, Two Sisters, one born in 1716 at the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment and ‘Les Encyclopédies’ and the other in 1848 when a wave of revolutions spread through Europe. The walls of our vaulted ground floor café-restaurant will give you a sense of the weight of history while the restaurant and living quarters will fully support your needs during your stay.