Choosing St Germain de Calberte brings you to the heart of ‘Le Parc National des Cévennes’, a zone recognized by UNESCO as a National Heritage Site.

Choosing St Germain de Calberte, is to discover the heritage and the trails of this ancient land with unique history, traditions and culture held within the spectacular local valleys and also to taste the local produce, appreciate the local crafts, and enjoy they biennial music festival:


Choosing St Germain de Calberte, is to discover the many local traditions: ‘La Fête du Savoir Faire’: a summer Craft Fair; la ‘Fête de la Châtaigne’ literally to celebrate the autumn Chestnut Season (and the wild boars); music recitals and exhibitions in Le Temple, built by the people for the people in 1825 and the peacefulness of the 12th century church.

Choosing St Germain de Calberte is to discover the medieval castle “Le Château St Pierre”-an ongoing restauration project since the 1960s- perched between the tumbling waters of two racing ‘gardons’ with rock pools, both tributaries of Le Gard. To enter the offices of the international botanical journal “La Garance Voyageuse’’ to suscribe to a journal devoted to wild flora situated beside La Mairie-Bibliotheque, opposite Le Figuier. To replenish stocks at ‘Le Petit Chariot’ as you come off the mountains through the medieval terraces of “Les Calquieres” from the north end of the village or at the other end of the village on your way to St Jean du Gard “Le Bureau de Tabac-Epicerie-Librairie” -“Chez Besse” as the locals call it- for a book, newpapers, magazines, stamps or postcards: to be posted of course ‘à la Poste du Village’ next to Le Figuier. Or why not visit the wonderful “Charcuterie Thérond” in the bend of the road below the school, with the Boars and Stags looking down for a slice of ‘palette au citron’ or a famous ‘saucisson’ for that lunchtime or evening snack perched on a rock?

Choosing St Germain de Calberte is to discover the medieval alleys of dry-stone houses, beautiful archways, doors and door-knockers; its secret gardens, stone rooftops and surprise galleries, BRIC-A-BRAC, building restauration projects in progress-that let you really understand how this village was built over time- and the charms of conversations behind gates and walls while appreciating the landscape of one of the old Silk Centres of Europe.

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